Mygra 100 Side Effects

Brand: Mygra 100 mg

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Not found/ Unknown

Country of Manufacture: India

Mygra 100 mg Package Image

Review and Description

Mygra is a type of generic Viagra that is meant to help men with erectile dysfunction. This medicine is an unpopular one and has very limited information on the internet. After checking Mygra, we were able to determine that it has sildenafil citrate as its active ingredient yet we failed to determine the manufacturer of this drug. The label on its box says that it is from India though.

According to the limited information we got for Mygra, this ED medicine works like any other ED drug – it relaxes the penile muscle and helps the user obtain a firmer and harder erection.

Mygra is from India. As to what company is responsible for making it, we have no idea at the moment. As an online drug buyer and user, we would never recommend a drug with an unknown origin. We understand that there are a lot of ED drugs in the market today, most of them were from India and were claiming to be as effective as the branded Viagra. Still, we don’t feel safe using a drug with no background like Mygra.

Customer Reviews

Mygra is an ED drug. We understand that! It contains sildenafil citrate – we read about that. As we try to know more about Mygra, we started to dig deeper into the world wide web only to end up with empty hands. This ED medicine has no background information about its maker and has no customer reviews. This is a red flag for us as users. How can we trust to use something that we are not familiar with!

The bad news about Mygra is that aside from not having a manufacturer to assure us that their product is safe and effective, it doesn’t also have customer reviews to at least show us that there are people who were too brave to use it. Aside from efficacy, we also want to learn about Mygra 100 side effects, pricing, and dosage.

Pricing and Dosage

We found a website that sells Mygra. The website sells 120 mg Mygra which is a surprise. We have limited information as to the available dosages for this drug. Based on the website we found, it looks like Mygra is obtainable in 120mg only.

A further research showed that the original Mygra comes in 100 mg and the improved version is 120 mg.

Mygra is sold in packs

Mygra is sold in packs. For a pack, it contains 5 tablets. The tablets are in reddish pink. A tablet costs 100 Russian Rubble or $1.721. A pack then costs $8.60.

This is one affordable ED drug. For those who are looking for an ED medicine that they can try without spending too much, this one will do. The risk of getting a medicine from an unknown company can be considered as a risk though so be extra aware of it.

How to Buy Mygra Online

Mygra is an Indian ED drug. We are thinking that it is available in the local drug stores in India and in some Indian-based online pharmacies. We tried to check some of our known and trusted e-stores but failed to find anyone that sells Mygra. It looks this drug has a very limited market presence at the moment.

Since Mygra is an unknown ED medicine with a lot of gray information, we highly recommend that you better try a different ED product. If you still prefer an ED drug with sildenafil citrate, we suggest Fildena. Fildena from Fortune Healthcare is one ED medicine that you can easily find in the market today. It is very affordable and according to its users, it is very effective too.

How to Use

Based on the limited information we found about Mygra, this drug is in tablet form. It is prescribed orally and the best time to take it is at least 30 minutes before engaging in a sexual activity. Do not take this drug without a doctor’s prescription. With limited data about this drug, we believe that if a doctor prescribes this to you, then it means that your doctor has a first-hand experience with this medicine.

Side Effects

There are no records when it comes to the possible side effects of taking Mygra. Since it has sildenafil citrate as its active ingredients, we believe that this drug can also cause side effects that sildenafil citrate often causes. These side effects include headaches, dizziness, pains in the muscles and the back, nausea, and losing vision and hearing.

There is also a risk from taking an unknown medicine. Since we have limited information about Mygra and Mygra 100 side effects, you might face a serious risk once you take it without knowing much about it.

Conclusion with Rating

Mygra is a drug that is said to treat erectile dysfunction. This ED medicine is imported from India. There is no information on the internet regarding the maker or manufacturer of this ED drug. We tried to check for customer reviews and failed to find one too. In addition, this ED medicine has a very limited market presence and it looks like it is only available in India’s local drug stores and Indian-run e-stores.

For the lack of information provided to the public, we are awarding Mygra a rating of 1 star. The manufacturer of this ED medicine should put more information about this ED drug and about them in order to attract more ED patients and to win their trust.

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